Zoho vs Insightly: A Comprehensive Comparison for Small Businesses

Deciding which CRM tool is the best for you can be harder than it looks. So, we are here to guide you on whether you should choose Zoho vs Insightly.

We are in the digital era where everything seems to be put on fast-forward. We have smart alternatives for every task that we deliver, so, why not find a way in which we can scale our small businesses and keep our customers, clients, or prospects happy? A customer relationship management platform software can come in handy even faster than you would expect in the business process. Connections are important even when we are talking about a small company, as they can help you grow faster than you would expect. And, two great CRM software examples are Zoho and Insightly.

What is Insightly CRM?

Insightly is a cloud-based smart solution that can help you scale your business faster with the integration of great CRM features. Insightly CRM also has the ability to help you keep track of the pipeline that you have, managing all your tasks more efficiently and effectively. 

Insightly Features:

  • Workflow automation: With the help of workflow you will be able to manage more tasks in a shorter time frame, which can be very important, especially when you are just starting out, or don’t have the means of a big company. Automation can also help you schedule emails and offer your prospects the best experience available.
  • Customization: You can try to customize your platform and dashboard to find just what you need faster. So, you will be able to create automation in your workflow and your dashboards.
  • Email Templates – The integration of email templates will become your lifesaving tool you will not leave without. Insightly CRM offers solutions for small and large businesses, and email marketing and automation will be your lifesaver.
  • Manage records – Customer relationship management software can also help you manage your records and find everything you might require as easily as it can get.
  • Contact and Lead Management – Insightly CRM can also manage all your contacts and see whether or not there are any updates regarding your clients and prospects.
  • Integrations – The customer relationship management software offers its users third-party integrations that have the meaning of simplifying the process. It can be Calendly, Asana, and other +2000 tolls. And, every team member can integrate the toll that can be useful for them

What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho is a cloud-based customer relationship management software and an all-in-one platform that helps grow a business by managing sales, marketing, and sustaining customer support. The all-in-one platform helps businesses of all sizes develop and harvest customer relationships with an AI assistant and other built-in features.

Zoho Features:

  • Built-in AI Assistant – With Zoho CRM you can find a Built-in AI assistant that will make your life easier. With an AI assistant, you can automate simple tasks (taking notes) to even more complex tasks (computing sales numbers and making predictions).
  • Performance and Project Management – Project management is an important part of managing your business and having a tool that can help you do that will be a lifesaver. You can forecast any potential revenue and foresee problems that might come along the way. AI is also integrated so, you can make decision based on a more complex analysis. 
  • Sales Pipeline – You will always know what is happening and know the stage of every process.
  • Marketing Automation – Automate repetitive tasks and be more productive. 
  • Analytics – Zoho CRM will be there for you to make more informed decisions and help you manage relationships with your customers.
  • Predictive Sales – With customer relationship management software you can see the future with the help of AI. An AI assistant has the power to predict sales and analyze data. 
  • All-in-one platform – It is an all-in-one platform that will help you have everything you need in the same place.

Zoho vs Insightly - Pricing Plan

Insightly Pricing Plan

  • Free trial
  • Plus plan $29 per user/per month
  • Professional $49 per user/ per month
  • Enterprise $99 per user/ per month

Zoho Pricing Plan

  • Free plan
  • Standard $14 per user/per month
  • Professional $23 per user/per month
  • Enterprise: $40 per user/per month
  • Ultimate: $52 per user/per month

Zoho vs Insightly CRM

If you are wondering which of those CRM software examples is more fitted for your small companies you need to take into account that both smart solutions are great options. As always, when making a decision you need to have in mind your company's priorities and what are your needs. 

So, if your company doesn’t have a generous budget to spend, Zoho CRM will probably be a more suitable solution for you, as their standard plan is less costly compared to the one that Insightly has to offer. Both Zoho and Insightly are great options for small businesses and businesses that are looking to expand, yet Zoho CRM can be an easier option if you are looking to automate your sales process. 

If you are thinking about customizing your business you might also opt to choose Zoho CRM as Insightly doesn’t have that many options when it comes to customizing your interface. On the other hand, if your business needs a large number of integrations Insightly will be there for you, the digital platform has over 2000 integrations available which will make your business manant easier. Zoho has only a limited number of integrations available for you. 

Even more so, if you are looking for a rapid start, Insightly CRM will help you achieve that with a user-friendly platform that you can learn easily. On the other hand, Zoho has a steeper learning curve, which can slow your whole process. However, a weakness that both platforms seem to share is their customer service option. Both platforms have a slow and not verified helpful customer service solution.

So, when deciding which solution is the tool that you need you need to keep in mind your business needs and requirements, based on this you will make an appropriate decision. 

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