Monday vs Trello: Which One is The Best Task Management Software?

Which one is the best task management software you can implement in your business management? Monday vs Trello.

Project management seems to be the main topic of every manager and business owner –  and it makes sense. Once with digitalization and the rise of digital platforms, the collaboration between team workers became easy to manage offering a great variety of ways to work together.

What is Trello?

Trello is a task management digital platform that can help your entire team become more productive and cover all their needs. What is Trello used for?

  • Personal Growth – You can use Trello, in order to solve problems such as time management and become the most productive version of yourself.
  • Design – The task management platform can also be a good decision for design teams. Trello has the ability to enable a team’s creation to go from ideas to action. Trello offers templates in which you can work in order to manage all tasks, drafts, requests, projects, and any focus that might need following. The project management platform can also be a useful tool for keeping your creativity and organizing your work in design springs. 
  • Engineering – Trello can be used in your teams of engineering in order to make them deliver better responses in a shorter period of time. With the integration of Trello, they are able to keep track of new technology and collaborate towards a better outcome. 
  • Human resources – The project management solution can be a helpful tool when it comes to the growth and productivity of your business. Even more so, the digital platform can be used to follow progress and manage the process. 
  • Marketing – We can use Trello to manage new technology, information, launches, and everything related to getting tasks done more efficiently. Even more so, the marketing team can use Trello in their workspace to organize launches, events, and social media events as you have a calendar view integrated.
  • Product management – Trello offers lists, boards, and cards that can be used to transform ideas into action. The smart solution helps you keep track of your processes and move forward.
  • Sales – Trello can help you keep your sales team and deals on the right track and follow all the ongoing processes. 
  • Remote teams – Remote working can be hard to keep track of and with the help of digital platforms we can know what our team is up to.
  • Startups – The task management platform is a great way to start as it offers solutions that can help you keep track of your projects and team.
  • Team Management – With Trello you have the ability to keep everything on the right track and deliver the projects always in time.
  • Support – Trello offers customer support, so we do not need to worry about anything.

What is is a customizable work-management tool that helps your team stay productive and deal with work-related situations. What is used for?

  • Marketing – You can use to help you with your calendar content, to help manage client projects, with your marketing campaigns and even to keep track of your marketing strategy.
  • Project management – can be the eyes and ears that will get you to the wanted goals and deliver the results you wish. With portfolio management, risks, and issue management, and even resource planning, the task management platform will be everything you need.
  • Sales – is the platform that can offer you a customizable software solution.
  • Product development – This can be used to make everything faster –  from the concept to the real solution.
  • Operations – The management platform can be integrated to deliver operations in an effective manner. 
  • IT – You can leverage the task management for all new technology that needs to be integrated. The onboarding process, for orders and even supply management.
  • HR – The smart solutions came with a great advantage for any HR employee, being a great management and tracking software.

Monday vs Trello - Features

Trello Features:

  • Automation: Your workflow can now use low-code automation solutions that are integrated into all Trello’s boards.
  • Templates: Trello offers you solutions in order to deliver faster using templates in business, design, education, engineering, sales, remote working, and many more.
  • Project management: You can see and manage your projects from all angles available. Trello offers you a timeline, table, dashboard, calendar view, and even map integrations.
  • Plugins: You have the ability to integrate your most used apps with the help of the plugins Trello offers.
  • Integrations: GitLab, HourStack, Gantt for Trello, Telegram, Blue cat, and many other integrations are available with Trello. Features:

  • Dashboards: The digital platform has 50+ widgets and apps, basic and advanced reporting, real-life tracking, and dashboard customization.
  • Project management: With the project management feature you have the ability to track and reach your team’s goals faster than ever. The smart solution has integrated strategy, objectives, to-dos, portfolio management, and many more useful features, including automated business operations.
  • Automation: You can automate different processes such as notifications, reminders, task creation, and even handover or customizable automation.
  • Documents: The documents management solution can help you link together different pages, offering you the ability to edit and collaborate with your team.  
  • Powerful Gantt and Kanban: It gives you the ability to import files from Excel, drag and drop different elements, to follow interactive timelines, baselines, critical paths, milestones, automation, and intuitive color-coding. 
  • Files: Make live annotations, store your files safely, so only the required members can access them, and even develop flawless workflows.
  • Forms: offers forms that can be customer, conditional logic, automation, integrated with dashboards, and pre-made and ready-to-use form templates. 
  • Integrations: 200+ integrations such as Gmail, Mailchimp, DocuSign, Figma, Canva, and more. You can even integrate with Zapier to create custom integrations and automation with other applications.

Monday vs Trello - Payment Plans

Trello Payment Plans:

  • Free trial
  • Standard $5 per month/per user
  • Premium $10 per month/per user
  • Enterprise $17.50 per month/per user

Monday Payment Plans:

  • Free trial
  • Basic $9 per month/ per user
  • Standard $12 per month/ per user
  • Pro $19 per month/ per user
  • Enterprise plans

Monday Vs Trello

Both Trello and are great options when it comes to choosing suitable project management software for your company or projects. Yet, when comparing the two smart solutions you should always keep in mind that the best project management solution really depends on your needs and requirements. 

If you need a platform that will help your team members collaborate more efficiently you can keep in mind the Kanban board (dashboard) that Trello offers, where anyone can see the status of their work and how everyone is doing in real-time. So, it can be a great feature to have if you are working with a smaller team and require a lot of teamwork. With this feature, the project management software creates a healthy and collaborative environment, winning over’s Kanban board as Trello’s solution is more intuitive. 

It’s also good to know that smart solutions such as time tracking, e-commerce, marketing, sales pipeline, and many more complex project management linked features, can be found on’s platform. The onboarding process can be more time-consuming, but offers a wide range of project management features that will make your work easier, compared with Trello.

Even more so, if you are looking for budgeting tools, will also allow you to deliver on-point budgets and deliver them on the right schedule. However, Trello, can not help you manage budgets as it does not have any tools integrated. 

Another feature that needs to be taken into account is the possibility of storing information and data. Here. Trello can come as a great solution as it provides unlimited storage even when it comes to free plans. Even more so, it is an intuitive platform that can be easy to use. On the other hand, has a more complex interface that requires a steeper learning process.

Yet, it’s important to note that both platforms have the possibility of creating unlimited boards, which will certainly come in handy in your process management process. Even more so, can offer a better solution when it comes to the cartoon of charts as it has the integration of Gantt charts. On the other hand, Trello does not come with Gantt charts. The Gannt charts are a straightforward solution that illustrates data and a way in which you can see a project schedule.

The size of your team and projects is another important aspect you need to take into account when choosing a suitable platform. The smart solution offered by Trello fits best on a small number of projects, as it can get overcomplicated when adapted to a large number of projects. On the other hand, can be a great option for bigger companies that have a larger number of projects.

Regardless of your choice, both platforms will help you be more productive and keep your team in check. So, pay attention to the features they have available and see which one you can benefit more from. You can go for if you are managing a bigger company, or team or need business invoices or marketing tools built-in. However, if you are a freelancer or you are managing a small team Trello can be just what you need to keep you organized and ready for all deadlines.

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