Pipedrive vs Hubspot CRM: Which is the Best CRM for Sales Teams?

Try out one of those CRM tools and you will thank me later! Pipedrive vs Hubspot CRM, which one is the best sales CRM?

We live in a digital era where technology surrounds us. So why not use it to our advantage and implement it into our process of customer relations management and have a flawless experience? We can integrate digital platforms such as HubSpot CRM or Pipedrive CRM to help us keep track of our customers, clients, and prospects while staying organized.

What is HubSpot CRM?

HubSpot CRM is a digital platform that has been designed and developed to help scale your business. If you are a salesman or a marketing person you probably heard about HubSpot before. The digital platform can help you scale your business and take it from a small business to a billion-dollar company, or at least this is what they say. It has great sales and marketing integrations and is a safe environment where you can develop your ideas and keep in touch with your customers and business prospects. 

HubSpot CRM Features

  • Dashboard – HubSpot platform management will help you scale your business and come to the best outcomes that you can have. The Customer Relationship Management Software can give you a clearer view of your sales activity and analyze data in order to deliver better results. Here you can also find a view of your current pipeline so, you will know the stage of every activity that you and your sales team might have.
  • Email Builder – In sales, writing the right email is a mandatory task you need to get used to. So, an email template builder will become your lifesaver for your customer relationship management.
  • Workflow automation – Scheduling your meetings is another important feature your customer relationship management software can take care of. Hubspot CRM will help you schedule all your meetings, so, you won’t miss them.
  • AI integration – AI (artificial intelligence) is everywhere and HubSpot CRM knows it. The CRM software integrated artificial intelligence into their work environment in order to create emails and take care of content writing.  For all salesmen out there, a free AI content writer can be a dream come true, as you will become more productive and efficient.
  • Live Chat – HubSpot CRM software is here to help you connect with others and chat with your leads and prospects in real-time. With this feature, you can connect and interact with any potential customers who are visiting your website and also stay in touch with the ones you have.
  • Omni-Channel Messaging – with omni-channel messaging, instead of making your customers adapt to you, your business adapts to their preferences. This feature allows your employees to switch seamlessly between email, chat, and Facebook Messenger to connect with customers. By receiving fast responses and solutions to their issues, customers feel seen and valued. 
  • Customer Feedback Surveys – Getting feedback is an important part of the process, especially in order to maintain a good relationship with your customers. To receive direct feedback from them and to be able to implement suggestions, you can create surveys with HubSpot’s help. You can customize your surveys by choosing from a wide variety of questions, and then sending them by email. After this, your team can benefit from valuable insights that lead to growth opportunities.

What is Pipedrive CRM?

Pipedrive CRM is a smart solution that will let you keep your sales team on the right track. With the help of Pipedrive CRM software, you can manage leads more easily and automate all the processes that your sales team needs. So, you no longer have to worry about the small details and can put all your efforts into selling.

Pipedrive CRM features:

  • Sales software – Pipedrive CRM software is a great solution when it comes to managing your sales team and staying more productive. The Sales software integrations that you can find in the Pipedrive system are everything you need. Automation, CRM, Customizable, Insights, leads, and even the process pipeline. 
  • Document Templates: Another helpful feature your sales team will benefit from is the ability to create sharable documents. Pipedrive CRM software offers a handful of templates to help you draft your documents faster and get everyone to sign your deals
  • Email marketing – Pipedrive CRM software offers a great solution for any sales team. We all know how important it is for your sales team to communicate, so, the use of smart features can only help you centralize and communicate more effectively.
  • Project Management Software – Pipedrive CRM software can also be used to help manage and scale your business.
  • Reporting and Forecasting: Get access to the sales dashboard that provides you with an overview of business data – from activity metrics and stats about the number and value of deals to result metrics and an analysis of won and lost deals, along with a comparison of previous periods, and even predicted revenue and sales forecasting. 
  • Marketplace – The digital platform also offers the ability to integrate and sync with over 400 platforms such as Google, Slack, or Asana. 
  • Document templates – Another helpful feature that your sales team will benefit from is the ability to create sharable documents. Pipedrive CRM software offers a handful of templates that will help you draft your documents faster and get everyone to sign your deals.

Pipedrive vs HubSpot - Payment Plans

HubSpot Pricing Plan

  • Free version
  • Professional $792 per month/ 3 persons
  • Enterprise $3.300 per month/ 5 persons

Pipedrive CRM Plan

  • Essential $14 per month/ per person
  • Advanced $29 per month/ per person
  • Professional $49 per month/ per person
  • Power $64 per month/ per person
  • Enterprise $99 per month/ per person

Pipedrive vs HubSpot CRM

When deciding which digital platform is most suitable from the CRM software examples you can find above you need to first consider your team and company's needs. Only based on this you can decide whether or not you will choose either HubSpot or Pipedrive. 

HubSpot and Pipedrive both offer great CRM softer solutions for flawless business management. HubSpot Sales Hub delivers the tolls that every sales team needs, helping its users close as many deals as possible. On the other hand, Pipedrive is more focused on customer relationship management, encouraging you to put all your energy into the pipeline and sales process.

1. Pricing

Regarding their prices you need to be aware that HubSpot has a free plan, so, you will not spend a ton of money on your sales and CRM tool. But, it’s also safe to say that Pipedrive offers great solutions at affordable prices.

2. Platform

Pipedrive offers a user-friendly platform that can be used by everyone. It is great for beginners and it's a very intuitive solution. However, the Hubspot platform has also a flawless and simple digital interface, yet it has some extra customization features compared to the ones that Pipedrive offers. 

3. Leads and Contact Management

When managing your sales team you need to keep in mind that a strong contact management platform is what you should be looking forward to. Both Hubspoth and Pipedrive are great options when it comes to CRM. However, Hubspot can be a little overwhelming to use as it can not see the difference between leads, contacts, companies, and different websites. Yet, when using Hubspot you have the ability to track over 1000 properties and when choosing paid plans.  Even more so, Hubspot paid plans can offer your sales team data quality automation and program workflow triggers.

Comparing HubSpot with Pipedrive, the latter offers you the ability to build and store an unlimited number of contacts in their database. Pipedrive has the ability to handle deal and lead management and customize the pipelines according to your needs. Here you will also keep tabs on your conversation history with your contacts.

4. Sales Forecasting 

Knowing what the future might hold for you is a great tool that any sales representative will appreciate. And Hubspot knows it, as its integration with sales forecasting will help you see custom reports and analytics that are there to make your job easier. However, the sales forecasting feature is only available to their premium versions. On the other hand, if you are looking for forecast reports you will have the option to use Pipedrive’s plans (also paid).

The bottom line is that both Pipedrive and Hubspot are great CRM software examples. The digital platforms have the ability to guide you and lead your sales rates to grow and will also help you stay more organized. Both platforms are user-friendly so, you will have a great time scrolling along the platforms. However, based on the size of your company, you can go for Pipedrive if you are working on a small team. Hubspot is a great platform for all businesses, yet if you are a small business the paid versions might be out of your budget.

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