ZoomInfo vs Outreach: Optimizing Sales Engagement with Conversation Intelligence

Conversation intelligence is a game changer for optimizing sales engagement. Learn more about Chorus by ZoomInfo and Outreach and make a choice.

The key to more sales is more sales engagement. That sounds about right, don’t you think? The more competitive the market becomes, the more companies are trying to optimize sales engagement. And one way to do that is with the help of conversation intelligence. From improving marketing team strategies to enabling personalized marketing, conversation intelligence software is something your business needs.

In the battle for the title of the best platform that provides conversational intelligence software that can optimize sales engagement, we have prepared two candidates – Chorus by ZoomInfo and Outreach. What can each platform do for my business? Which one offers better and more features? Which one is more affordable? We are here to give you all the answers you need and assist you in deciding between the two. 

What is Conversation Intelligence?

Before hopping on to each of the platforms, it’s important to know what conversation intelligence is and to understand how it works. Conversation intelligence is software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) businesses use to analyze and get insights from speech and text data from conversations with customers. This works by keyword and topic identification in call and chat transcripts. Using these insights businesses can make strategies and take action to improve customer experience.

Using conversation intelligence comes with many advantages. By making use of the insights gathered from the conversations with customers, customer experience can be improved. You can pay more attention to what they are interested in or what difficulties they encounter and take action accordingly. Conversation intelligence software is a great tool for sales leaders. Without it, analyzing every call or text interaction with customers would take an enormous amount of time or even be impossible. Analyzing just a part of them might not be enough to accurately assess the opinions of customers. Another huge advantage of conversational intelligence software is increased customer loyalty. By showing your customers you hear and care about their feedback, they are more likely to engage with you.

What is Chorus by ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo is a software and data platform that has the purpose of helping companies find and grow their customer base and Chorus is their conversation intelligence product. Chorus by ZoomInfo enables you to efficiently analyze each and every customer interaction across the sales department. But Chorus doesn’t stop here – it continues to grow and expand its capabilities.

Chorus by ZoomInfo’s Key Features:

  • Sales Call Analysis – this feature ensures real-time delivery of call analysis. AI not only analyzes in real-time, but it can automatically detect positive and negative language, or if there is more than one speaker in the room. You can also integrate the infrastructure you are using so you can bring conversation intelligence to your tech stack.
  • Market Intelligence – another thing you can measure from your customer interactions is how often they mention certain features and what they think about them. This way marketing teams are informed about market dynamics and trends. You can also track your competitors so you can make sure you are ahead.
  • Connected Intelligence – you can use Chorus and ZoomInfo together. By doing so, you can gain access to valuable information from ZoomInfo such as conversation and relationship insights. This data can be the key element for gaining and retaining customers. 
  • Team Performance – to help your team have constant good results, you can identify past behavior that provided good results and replicate it. But you don’t have to spend time searching for call recordings to find an example. Chorus helps you come up with coaching opportunities.
  • Relationship Intelligence – this feature allows you to manage relationships – every call and email is ready to be visualized in one place. Chorus by Zoom Info captures contacts and communication.
  • Forecasting Intelligence – forecasting capabilities are one of the best features that AI has to offer. Not only do you receive valuable recommendations, but you also gain insights regarding the future of your business. This way you can be prepared and make adjustments in case they are needed.

What is Outreach?

Outreach is a sales engagement platform that enables businesses to build sales processes that guarantee success that can be replicated. Outreach’s capabilities are great for sales teams as they help boost productivity and close more deals. The platform can also be used for automation purposes. Sales managers can monitor the activity of employees and check whether the engagement results in selling opportunities.

Outreach’s Key Features:

  • Workflow Automation – With outreach you can benefit from streamlined and simplified workflows. To increase and even maximize productivity you can prioritize certain tasks. Also, creating workflows has never been easier – with Outreach you just have to choose a template.
  • Personalization – not only you can send personalized messages to the right person, but Outreach helps you to send them just at the right moment. It also offers reply features that ensure efficient management of multi-threaded conversations – no piece of information slips through. 
  • Sentiment Analysis – understanding the buyer sentiment is crucial for sales engagement. Because of this Outreach offers an AI-powered sentiment analysis feature that provides insights that ensure the optimization of current sales approaches. 
  • Calls and Meetings – to make it easier to book meetings with customers, you can integrate your call and meeting app with Outreach. This way you don’t back and forth to connect with your customers. 
  • Analytics – the analytics provided by Outreach are AI-powered. The insights provided by this feature can help managers what parts of workflows and sequences are responsible for meetings that eventually turn into selling opportunities.

Chorus by ZoomInfo vs Outreach

Both Chorus by ZoomInfo and Outreach are powerful platforms that are great for optimizing sales engagement by means of conversation intelligence. When deciding between Chorus by ZoomInfo and Outreach, the decision is not easy to make. Pricing can play a deciding role for some companies. Depending on budgets and the size and needs of your business, one of them might not even be a possible alternative. 

  • Free Plans – when it comes to free plan availability, unfortunately, neither of the platforms offers one. This was to be expected due to providing conversation intelligence. However, if you want to try out Chorus by ZoomInfo, you can request a free trial. For this, you have to submit your business email and job title – not just anyone can benefit from this trial. 
  • Pricing – in terms of priced plans, ZoomInfo and Outreach are not revealing the price of subscriptions. In both cases, you need to complete a short form to request pricing information. With different features available, ZoomInfo offers three plans – Standard, Preferred, and Premium. Outreach has two types of plans – plans for everyone and plans for enterprise. The plans for everyone are split into two – Standard and Professional. The plans for enterprise are two in number as well – Enterprise and Unlimited.

Why You Might Prefer Chorus by ZoomInfo

  • Chorus by ZoomInfo offers real-time call analysis
  • Chorus by ZoomInfo’s conversation intelligence software has a better text summarization feature
  • You want to try out the platform before committing
  • You are part of a medium to large enterprise

Why You Might Prefer Outreach

  • Outreach offers a commission calculator
  • Outreach better behavior monitoring features than Chorus by ZoomInfo
  • Outreach is better at activity tracking
  • You are part of a smaller business

Finding a sales engagement optimization tool that suits your company is vital. That tool is even better if it provides conversation intelligence software. Chorus by ZoomInfo and Outreach are two such platforms. Deciding between the two of them is definitely not easy. It all depends on what your company needs more. If it needs text and call support more, then Chorus by ZoomInfo might be a better fit. If monitoring and tracking features are a priority, then Outreach might be a more suitable choice.