Gong vs SalesLoft: Navigating the Landscape of Sales Enablement Platforms

A sales enablement platform is a must-have for your business. So, which platform has the features that all sales teams desire? Gong vs SalesLoft

The digital era is all around us. We are now able to digitalize our business, and workflows, and make our work more efficient. So why not try and make our sales processes easier and faster? And, with the help of sales enablement platforms, we can do just that.

What is a Sales Enablement Platform?

A sales enablement technology can make your life easier. Sales enablement platforms have the purpose of streamlining the sales process and decreasing the workload for the customer service and sales team. Those sales software tools can bring important value to your go-to-market team, helping them have a better understanding of the steps they can take in order to scale growth. And if you are still wondering “What is sales enablement?” – the answer is simple. A sales enablement software will be the solution that will come in handy, make you more productive, or help you close more sales opportunities.

Sales Enablement Means and Solutions:

  • Continent management: A sales enablement mean can be the content management you provide, as it can benefit sellers in order to better the winning rates.
  • Coaching and Training: The introduction of coaching and training can also be a sales enablement as it can benefit the sales team to stay always on top of every update and new technology.
  • CRM (customer relationship management): Engagement and management tools can also be a sales enablement tool as they can help deliver a smoother and more efficient process.
  • Strategy: Strategy is always good especially when it comes to enablement teams, as they can help everyone have better results and stay organized.
  • Analytics: Analytics are here to predict and help us see what is happening with the product, service, or smart solution we are selling. This can help us see whether or not we are on the right track. 

Now that you know what sales enablement software is, let’s see which one is more fitted for your company’s needs, Gong or SalesLoft. And if you can not decide, I am here to help you make a decision!

What is Gong?

Gong is a revenue intelligence platform that leverages AI in order to simplify the sales process and attract revenue. Gong offers the ability to automate and transform the workflow revenue in order to be more efficient and save time. 

Gong features:

  • Forecast: The sales enablement technology will be there to help you see what the future holds. Here you can also find pipeline management, allowing users to see and predict the risks that your sales team is facing. The forecasting features offered by the smart solution can also provide anticipate and solve future situations.
  • Conversation intelligence: This feature offered by the digital platform can make the link and make the connection between sales activities that can be found in conversations. As your business grows, so does the volume of phone calls. Unlike written conversations, valuable insights from calls can be omitted. However, with conversation intelligence, this is no longer an issue. 
  • Analytics: Gong can provide analytics regarding lead scoring, opportunities, risk analysis, and even live forecasting which can provide data, analyze charts, and make sure that all data is accurate.
  • Revenue AI: The smart solution comes equipped with over 40+ built-in AI versions that are here to make your life easier. The digital platform can offer and understand all those interactions without any unnecessary effort. 
  • AI Automation: Gong software sales offer the ability to generate text and provide the necessary text summarization, or text generation in order to become more efficient. An AI assistant is another integration that will come in handy when thinking about Sales Enablement and how it can automate tasks.
  • Customer Interactions: Another feature that we can see in Gong’s portfolio is t
  • Integration

What is SalesLoft?

SalesLoft is an AI-powered digital platform that helps automate and simplify the buying and selling processes. The AI-powered tool has the ability to send signals from the buyer directly and let the seller know. So, you and your team will be prepared and ready to take action at the right moments and have better outcomes when it comes to closing deals. 

SalesLoft Features:

  • AI automation: Among the sales tools that SalesLfot has, the AI automation feature is life-changing. SalesLoft software sales has the ability to automate and predict sales transactions and the likelihood for a potential buyer to invest. The AI assistant can provide feedback help your sales team and support them along the way.
  • Coaching: The sales enablement platform allows you to manage your team and provide the assistance needed. The coaching feature has integrated a team dashboard where you can increase your coaching opportunities, see performance data, and see your team activity. 
  • Analytics: Another key feature of the sales tools that SalesLoft software sales has to offer you can find analytics. You can improve your work and productivity levels with the integration of work analytics. Analytics will give you the reports and predictions you need to work more structured and receive the reports you need in order to improve.
  • Workflow management: The SalesLoft sales enablement platform will help you automate the workflows, allowing you to customize your sidebar view and integrate the needed features. With the workflow management monitoring offered by SalesLoft, you will create, manage, design, monitor, and automate every task, so you will be ready anytime. 
  • Email templates: Send your emails easier than ever. You can create, or custom templates based on your needs and send emails instantly.
  • Cadences: Adapt and personalize the way you work. With cadences, you can work in the way that suits you best and deliver your tasks in your work rhythm.
  • Integration: There are a lot of sales tools that will make your work more easier. Some of the integration we can find in the sales enablement platform are ActHQ, Quack, Intel, or Zoom Phone.

Gong vs SalesLoft

If you are looking for a sales enablement platform that will help you grow your business and drive sales, both Gong and SalesLoft software sales are two great options. Each platform comes with great advantages and is based on your needs you can choose the best one for you and your business. 

If you are looking for a platform that will meet your business requirements you might opt for Gong as it is closer to meeting and delivering all the features they present. Yet, SalesLoft is still a great option as it has a lot of helpful features that will help you automate your workflow. 

Ease of Use

Between Gong and SalesLoft, when it comes to ease of use, Gong has a more easier and intuitive digital platform. An intuitive platform is what every user wants. A place where we can enter and find immediately what we need can make us more productive, so, Gong can be a great option. However, SalesLoft doesn’t come far, as their platform needs a little more adapting time, but once you get it, it will be a flawless experience. 

Advanced Features

If you are looking for more advanced features you can go with SalesLoft, as it offers more in-depth features such as revenue history, that might come in handy when analyzing your platform and making predictions. However, Gong still has some interesting features when it comes to predictive forecasting and revenue operations that can even surpass the ones offered by SalesLoft.

Automation and AI

A platform that offers great automation and leverages the use of AI is SalesLoft. You can predict different statistics and know when a potential buyer is at risk or when you need to contact a customer. On the other hand, Gong uses a lot of great automation and features that will make your work easier. However, it lacks the feature that warns you when a customers risk losing. 


SalesLoft is a great platform that will help and offer you an interface that is customizable and lets you organize your workflow based on your needs and generate revenue. On the other hand, Gong is still a great digital platform that gives you the ability to customize your workflow based on your needs. 

So, if you're looking for a sales enablement platform both Salesloft and Gong are great options. Pay attention to their feature and see whether or not they meet your needs or your business requirements, only based on this you can make a correct decision. 

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