Glassdoor vs LinkedIn: Which is the Best Platform for Employer Branding and Recruitment?

If you are looking to improve your Employer branding or recruit some new talents which should be your go-to? Glassdoor vs LinkedIn

The job industry is evolving constantly – we can all agree on that. With every new technology that is developing and becoming notorious in our lives, the job market is also changing and adapting. As we are evolving, new jobs are surfacing the market and we are forced to provide and look for new ways to find jobs and list them. So, this is where Glassdoor and Linkedin come into play. 

LinkedIn and Glassdoor are two digital platforms that changed the game when it comes to finding your job and providing a space where you can discover and see the ideal position for you. So, which one is the best place where you can manage your job-related duties and find the best work environment? But first, you need to discover what is Linkedin used for, and what is Glassdoor used for.

What is Glassdoor?

Glassdoor is an online employment platform that caught life in 2007 and is used as an online employment platform. If you are wondering what is Glassdoor used for, you have the answer here – Glassdoor is an online digital platform that gives us the ability to rank and review different jobs that we have or had. It is a powerful tool that gives the employee the power to create and ensure a healthier work environment by letting them review and share their opinion regarding a job. 

A Glassdoor review or a Glassdoor salaries search can open the gate to a healthy work environment or a less healthy job-work environment. After all, as companies, their focus should always be on a healthy workspace as well as on a more lucrative and productive space of work.

So, what is Glassdoor used for when it comes to the features that they have available for use?

Glassdoor Features

  • Job Posting: Glassdoor offers you the space and digital platform to post the available jobs. Posting jobs and finding possible prospects has never been easier with the help of online platforms.
  • Jobs Reviews: Jobs reviews are becoming a must-have when you think about looking for a new job or position. Job reviews are helping us find a space where we can be suitable. When looking for a new job we look for more than a good paying position. We want to have a place where we feel welcomed and, the Glassdoor review feature can help us do that. Jobs reviews can help you make an impression of the company based on their compensation, benefits, or any other important aspects regarding a company. And, companies have the ability to improve their company name and reputation and attract new job prospects. 
  • Review analytics: As an employer, you can use this feature from the digital platform to analyze the data employees input, see demographics, analyze data and content that you are posting, and even make an impression on whether or not you are on the right track.
  • Integrations: In order to create a space that covers all your needs you need to take into account that integrations can help you achieve that –  and Glassdoor knows it. Indeed is one of the possible integrations available.
  • Job insides: Glassdoor is the palace where you can find insides about positions that you are interested in and see what others have to say about them. 

What is LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn used for? We have all heard about LinkedIn, but how can you use this digital platform to get the most out of it? The company has been around since 2002 and is one of the oldest business-oriented social media networks. LinkedIn focuses on an individual potential to create connections and network as much as possible. And, comparing the other social media platforms that were around during LinkedIn's growth, it was the only platform that offered a space where we could interact and create business connections. 

And if you are on LinkedIn you probably already know the job opportunities available on the platform and all those messages from recruiters. But job opportunities are not the only feature available on LinkedIn.

Linkedin Features

  • Job listing and job hunting: When figuring out what is Linkedin used for, an immediate thought that pops up in our mind is that LinkedIn is a great space where you can look for a job or list a job.
  • Public profile: As with any social media platform, LinkedIn holds the possibility to create a public profile where you can be found by other users and receive suitable job opportunities.
  • Messaging: Networking has never been easier when the direct messaging feature has been integrated into the app. With this feature, we have the ability to make connections and interact with other fellows from the business. 
  • Feed Shares: A LinkedIn job can be easily shared and get to as many people as possible. Here you can share information, accomplishments, and anything you want from your work-related field. 
  • Connections: Make connections and find as many as possible individuals from the same field as you who have common interests. 
  • Social networking: LinkedIn will help you network and connect with anyone. You can find job opportunities, find out more about a possible job, and see whether or not it can be fitting for you. 

Glassdoor vs LinkedIn

When choosing the right platform to integrate into your work-related processes you need to always keep your needs first. When it comes to networking, creating connections, and looking for new talent, LinkedIn will be the digital platform you want. 

On the other hand, Glassdoor stands out from Linkedin as its job review feature comes first on an individual list before applying for a job. We all did it. And, it’s normal! Who would like to opt for a job that makes them feel unappreciated or doesn’t respect their true value? And, with a job review feature you have the ability to predict possible situations and see whether or not you are making the right decision. 

Even more so, you can always use both platforms, as they will cover your needs in different ways making sure that you are always in touch with other colleagues from the industries or reviewing jobs and looking for new opportunities.

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