Gong vs Revenue.io: Best Sales Performance Management Tool

Managing your business and driving sales has never been easier with a sales performance platform. Yet, which one is the best for you?

Managing your sales pipeline or sales process doesn’t need to be an exhausting task. We live in an era where digital platforms are all around us and new technology is used to our advantage. We have the ability to streamline our business with the help of a project management tool and deliver the best results. And, a solution for a more productive sales pipeline can be software sales or a sales enablement platform. 

What is a Sales Performance Platform?

A sales performance software that has the power to streamline the sales process offers better management and delivers the best results. A common feature encountered in sales performance platforms is sales enablement which has the capability to reduce the workload of the sales team and simplify their workflows. For a better understanding, two examples of sales performance platforms are Gong and Revenue.io.

What is Gong?

Gong is a sales performance management tool that leverages the power of AI in order to help scale your business and sales processes. The digital platform has the capabilities to automate repetitive tasks and use artificial intelligence to create the best environments for their sales pipeline, so, you will have your personal advisor. 

Gong Features:

  • Tracking software: The Gong sales performance platform has the ability to analyze, collect, and track data from all your interactions with possible clients, prospects, or customers. With the data collected, the AI-powered platform can help you better decisions and anticipate your client's needs better – driving more sales.
  • AI automation: With the integration of artificial intelligence your sales process will become even more easier than you would think. The sales performance interface uses active learning, generative AI, and speech-to-text, so you will receive more accurate insights and track the context and messages you need. The speech-to-text feature will be there for you, so, you won’t miss any updates, regardless of their language.
  • Analytics: Here you will have your call, emails, deals activity and history, deal analytics, and best practices. So, you will get a preview of the next possible steps you can make and how you can improve your work for better results. 
  • Email templates: The sales enablement platform allows you to send emails faster than ever with the help of the provided templates, so, you’ll be covered for the whole sales process.
  • Integration: You can find integration with over 100 platforms that will make your work easier. Google, Office, Salesforce, and Chilipiper are just a few of the integrations you can encounter in the software sales digital platform.

What is Revenue.io?

Revenue.io is a sales performance platform that uses AI in order to deliver more accurate revenue operations and conversation data so, you will know which is the best action you can take and drive sales towards your business.  

Revenue.io Features:

  • Lead prioritization: With the integration of Revenue.io you have the ability to quickly scroll through lists of prospects and leads and organize them based on priority and deadlines. You can also organize them based on a set of characteristics such as account size, engagement, lead scoring and a lot of other features that might intervene come first.
  • Real-time recommendations: The sales intelligence software will provide you with the right recommendations.
  • AI automation: One of these automation has the possibility to automatically send calls to the most suitable representative, in order to deliver the best results. With AI automation you can have the ability to automate repetitive tasks and make the whole process faster.
  • User Engagement: Revenue.io is a sales engagement platform that offers you the ability to engage with more clients and prospects. The sales enablement platforms transform the data you receive from all channels and help you deliver better results.
  • Integrations: Salesforce, D&B, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Gmail, Chrome, Google Calendar, and other useful platforms that will make your sales team more productive and attract more suitable prospects.

Gong vs Revenue.io

When deciding which platform is the most suitable sales performance digital solution for you, first analyze all possibilities and see which one aligns with your needs or your business requirements. Both Gong and Revenue.io are great solutions you can implement for your sales team or business. 

So, we will analyze Gong vs Revenue.io:


Both sales intelligence solutions offer an interface that is intuitive and can be navigated easily offering a great starting point for every sales team that is new to sales processes and software sales in terfaces. So, you will not need to worry about required sales training when joining any of the platforms. However, when it comes to customer support for an ongoing product, you should go for Revenue.io, which delivers better results.

AI and automation

When it comes to the use of AI and automation, Revenue.io seems to be performing better than Gong does. The sales software sales solution comes with more advanced machine learning, call analytics, and lead qualification capabilities which can lead to more informed decision making.


Here Gong seems to be the winner, as it comes equipped with a handful of features that have the meaning of making your work easier and more efficient. Even more so, comparing the integration that the platforms have to offer, Gong is again the leader with over 200 integrations that are here to drive sales. 

So, if you are looking for a platform that will offer you call recognition, email tracking, action items, and an easy-to-access platform you can opt for Gong. Yet, speech-to-text is a feature you can find only on Revenue.io as well with a leaner learning curve. Even more so, if you are looking for a user-friendly digital interface that records calls – Revenue.io will be your go-to. 

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